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Walker Scott Art Advisory

Specializedl guidance to:

  • Establish a Fine Art Collection

  • Authenticate Artworks

  • Appraise Art, and

  • Document Art Collections

Photographs are an important part of fine art archives. We are able to produce sharp high resolution photos. 

Geometrical artworks in black and white


Collecting good fine art, and managing the valuable art assets efficiently, will preserve significant history for future generations.


What We Do

Walker Scott Art Advisory offers art collectors a comprehensive range of art-related services. We specialize in modern and contemporary art. Our services are designed to provide clients with expert opinion on the aesthetic quality and value of their art.


We assist our clients in selecting quality artworks created by talented artists. Our guidance is unbiased and we navigate interested parties through the multifaceted acquisition processes to assemble worthy art portfolios. We do not represent artists and function independently with a focus of providing neutral impartial advice to art collectors.

Who we are
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End-to-End Art Services


A randomly purchased art collection do have value, however, adopting a focused strategy will render a more prestigious and more valuable one. We develop individual collection strategies based on collectors' objectives and personal tastes.


Besides aesthetic quality, our art recommendations depend on research covering provenance, authenticity, and the condition of artworks.



The value of artworks are determined by a combination of factors. While rarity plays a role, aesthetic quality and an artists' talent and standing in the market are important factors in predicting future market value. 



We facilitate the process to acquire quality artworks. In addition we assist clients regarding how to sell art pieces. To maximize proceeds, precise attention is paid to aspects such as the correct timing and the best channels for deaccession.



We oversee and facilitate a full range of art management services, which include curatorial advice, installations, and documentation, with the option to include blockchain recording to secure the provenance and authenticity of artworks. We advise on framing, insurance cover, conservation, crating, storage, as well as the shipping of artworks.



We assist collectors to create a legacy around their collections through loan agreements where art pieces from a collection are loaned for retrospective or group exhibitions in museums and other institutions. 


We manage and oversee the photographing of artworks.

Our services

Founding Partner 

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Dr. Fred Scott

Fred has been involved with art from an early age. He started to build a personal art collection during his student years. After graduating in the chemical sciences and acquiring a PhD from Stellenbosch University, Fred pursued a number of successful appointments in academia, the chemical industry, and technology transfer.

His life-long enthusiastic interest to collect art and his passion for contemporary art allowed him to effortlessly enter the fine art business sphere when he retired from his scientific career. Fred's interest in the history of art movements reinforced the development of his expert eye and boosted his ability to recognize important modern and contemporary artworks. Fred has curated several art exhibitions and he always enjoyed advising interested parties and stakeholders regarding art matters. Fred is the founding partner of Walker Scott Art Advisory.

Corporate & Institutional Clients

Momentum Metropolitan
Rand Merchant Bank

Media Gallery

We regularly contribute thought leadership articles to both art and mainstream media. We participate, upon invitation, in various discussions and interviews regarding art market information and provide specialized guidance in matters pertaining to art collecting.

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Dr Fred Scott


+27 (0) 82 572 9401

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We adhere to ethical business protocols as set out by the Association of Professional Art Advisors.

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